Normal item Retails Free shipping for order overRM100.00for West Msia only
Dropship Program

Important Notes :

Dropship service is available to Deposit paid members only.

  Deposit Requirement is RM100.00 - deposit is non returnable if you don't meet our requirement

  Transaction must have RM500.00 within 3months,your account will be inactive if failure to do so.

  For membership activation, please inform us once deposit payment made.

  Once membership activated, you will see your current membership and deposit amount at your member center.

  Membership price will be shown after you logged in to your account.

  No minimum purchase. Deposit members can place order even with 1 item.

  Items are reserved and considered sold once order placed. No cancellation of order is allowed. You can keep the order first in case you want to combine it with future orders and ship out all together at once to reduce shipping cost.

Dropship program divided to to two category 1) dropship beginner 2)dropship advance  --> dropship beginner for those just started to sell or join us as dropship and you can upgrade your level if your purchase amount more than RM10,000 and automatically your level will upgraded to dropship advance , and you can enjoy the benefits as the price is lower than dropship beginner level